A Lady Knows

Credit: Ashton-Drake

A Lady Knows
shows Gene Marshall in the film of the same name.

Info Edit

SKU: 38277

Released: 2001

Designer: Bob Lange

Inspiration: Pierre Balmain

Company: Ashton-Drake

Retail: 99.95


Gene doll with blonde hair. Red lips, grey eyeshadow.


Black boucle blouse, dark blue taffeta skirt.


Light brown "fur" stole, black feathered hat, black handbag.


Black ankle boots


black stud earrings


Mysterious - but what a lady! In A Lady Knows, Gene stars in this stylish film noir as a lady no one really knows. This lady of mystery is dressed in a black boucle top with a jewel neckline and a long skirt of dark blue taffeta and black chiffon and a seductive faux fur stole.

Story Card Edit

In Gene’s film noir classic, A Lady Knows..., she’s a lady nobody knows! Her first entrance in the film was a stunner. A detective is sitting in his darkened office, hunched over his desk amid a clutter of paper coffee cups and file folders. Suddenly, a shadow falls across the desk...

Looking up, all that he can see is the shapely silhouette of a woman, leaning against the door jamb. The light of the hallway outlines well-dressed curves that suddenly move toward him.

Rising quickly from his chair, files and coffee cups tumble to the floor. The figure in the doorway rushes to help him pick things up, and there, in the soft glow of the desk lamp, their eyes meet.

Almost immediately, she ducks her head, giving the detective nothing to see but the feather on the top of her hat.

“That’s a nice hat,” he says. “Bet you could keep a lot of secrets under it, if you wanted to.”

“But I don’t,” she replies, looking away. “I need your help in finding my, um, husband. And I’ve heard I can trust you.”

“You have, eh? How do you know?” the detective grumbles.

“A lady knows,” she answers, putting her hand on his arm. “Just the way I know that my husband couldn’t have—just couldn’t have—run off with something that I hold most valuable...”