Afternoon Off is an outfit worn by Gene Marshall.

Afternoon off

Info Edit

SKU: 93508

Released: 1996

Retired: 1998

Circa: 1947

Designer: Doug James

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $29.95

Story Card Edit

At last!  You have a chance to take an afternoon off from your ever-busy film and promotion schedule to do whatever suits your fancy!  So what will it be?  Shopping for a new gown to wear to that upcoming gala?  Consulting with the florist to fill your home with custom arrangements?  Perhaps a test-drive of that darling little silver roadster with the red leather interior?

Gene has done all these things, as genuine stars do...but she is determined that this afternoon off will be different.  She manages to slip away to a local grocery store, incognito, to pick out the ingredients for homemade vegetable soup, a favorite from her childhood.  Then later, when the pot is simmering and the aroma of home cooking fills her home, she relaxes in a favorite easy chair and flips through a fan magazine in which she is prominently featured.  Oh, my...just when she thinks she's read it all...can you believe what they've gone and written about her now?

For her short trip into town and the relaxing hours that follow, Gene wears a simple multi-checked skirt and a flared-cut matching grey flannel jacket.  Her classic ivory sweater has beading at the neckline.  Grey "suede" shoes with stylish ankle straps complete this well-tailored outfit.  The exciting "exposés" in the fan magazine really do make Gene smile in spite of herself...because after all, that's Hollywood!