Avant Garde
is an outfit worn by Gene Marshall to an art opening.

Info Edit

SKU: 76085

Released: 1999

Retired: 2001

Circa: 1956

Designer: José Ferrand

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $39.95

Story Card Edit

The Avant Garde Gallery was crammed with the elite of the art world for the opening night of their new exhibit.

However, among the tuxedoed men and gowned ladies, no one could deny that Gene's choice of attire was a work of art in itself.  The sleeves that floated above her elbows seemed to defy gravity, carefully hung like the framed artwork that adorned the walls.

Gene sipped a glass of champagne.  Since she painted as a hobby, the works of art that surrounded her made her eager to leave the party and get back to her own easel.  She could imagine her first show, seeing her landscapes and still lifes framed and hanging on the gallery walls...

And speaking of framed--what was this?  It was a large empty frame fixed against the wall.  Next to it was a sign that read "Best in Show".  Apparently this was where the prize-winning entry in the exhibition would soon be displayed.

As Gene awaited the revealing of this sure-to-be-impressive work of art, she heard someone say, "Over here, Miss Marshall!"  She turned, framed in the frame, just as the reporter's flash went off.

"Perfect!" said the reporter.  "That's what I really call the 'Best in Show'!"  And, as Gene blushed prettily, the round of applause that rose from the crowd echoed the reporter's on the spot "review"!