Black widow

Photo by Suzanne McD

Black Widow
shows Madra Lord in the film The Lady or the Spider?

Info Edit

SKU: 96312

Released: 2000

Edition: 2500

Circa: 1942

Designer: Joan Greene & Lynne Day

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $125.00

Story Card Edit

- 1942. "The Lady or The Spider?" was one of those "little" films that stars dash off to fill time (or contracts) - that become genre classics. Madra had seen the story while recuperating from her fall during the filming of "Blond Lace." It was all but hidden in a women's magazine in her doctor's waiting room, sandwiched between a receipe for meatless hash and an article debating bleach over bluing. As Madra casually scanned the story, she suddenly realized she was reading the perfect "Madra Lord File Role": a poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks who (mis)uses men on her quest for success, only to be discarded by the one she finally loves. It had everything: Love. Tears. Deceit. Heart wrenching truths. And the perfect opportunity for a dream sequence featuring fabulous clothes, including a symbolic costume that reveals the Lady as the Spider and the Dress as her Web (hmmmmm - she had to remember that line for the fellas in Publicity). Madra practically ran back to the studio (hampered only by the cast on her leg), "borrowed" magazine clutched tightly in her hand. She headed straight for the Script Department and slammed the story on the receptionist's desk. "Give this to the boys," she shouted gleefully, "and tell ém there's an Oscar in it for the one who comes up with the RIGHT script!" And then she ran off to the Main Offices, to start spinning her web for Ruben Lilienthal ....

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