Blue Evening is a gown designed for Gene Marshall.

Info Edit

SKU: 96409

Released: 1995

Retired: 1999

Circa: 1953

Designer: Timothy Alberts

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $29.95


Strapless, blue satin evening gown with self-bow, rose trim at décolletage. Snaps up the back. Rose tulle petticoat with elastic waist.


Soft pink chiffon stole. Hosiery.


Blue ribbon slipons.


Pink beaded choker necklace, rhinestone brooch, pearl earrings.

Story Card Edit

Nothing seems to go together better than beautiful women and the songs about love that are inspired by them.  But here's a twist on that tale!  Actress Gene Marshall, ever the dress designer's darling, has inspired a gorgeous gown based on the song "Blue Evening", that moody, bluesy tune recorded by Ina Stafford.  Gene Marshall is so fond of the gown--in deep blue satin by her top studio designer Timothy Alberts--that you'll see it in her latest publicity stills from Monolithic Studios this fall.

Blue Evening is a twilight-blue satin strapless gown with accents of deep rose at the draped bosom and its own separate pink net slip.  Includes rhinestone pin, "pearl" earrings, pink chiffon stole, beaded choker, hose, and matching shoes.  Circa 1953.

A legendary jazzman writes a song--a bluesy tune with satiny rhythms that speaks of love lost and found again, but at a bittersweet price.  Before long, a designer you know creates a gown for you that captures the mood of this sultry music.

This "Blue Evening" gown becomes a special favorite of Gene's at the height of her career.  She wears it one week to an important film premiere, and...seeing the reaction of the public and press alike...she decides to wear it the following week for a series of publicity photos.

Of course, the black-and-white stills, great as they are, will never be able to capture the subtle, dramatic interplay of cut, color, and texture in this amazing gown.  For the full impact, you just must see Gene in it, in person!

Sleekly strapless, the deep blue satin dress features the "princess" tailoring that is fashion's new standard of elegance.  The gown is simple in its lines...but where there is detail, it really counts!  At the heart-shaped décolletage...

Oh yes, pretty lady, you are the blues!