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Bon Voyage shows Gene Marshall in the film Ida Best.

Bon voyage

Info Edit

SKU: 92266

Released: 2000

Edition: Star Dealer exclusive

Circa: 1920s via 1940s

Designer: José Ferrand

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $99.95

Story Card Edit

Ida Best was the quintessence of a silent screen star.  Flappers like Ida made the Roaring Twenties roar.  And talents like Ida could change the fates of studios.  Little wonder that Ida had always held a special spot in Monolithic Studio head Reuben Lilienthal's heart.

For Ida Best was the darling--and the savior--of Monolithic Studios.  And just as miraculously as she had appeared to save the studio, she had disappeared on the arm of a European count as his bride.

Now, in her own way, Gene Marshall had appeared, bringing with her a glow that brought new life to Monolithic--and a more than passing resemblance to their former top starlet.  So it was easy to see why Mr Lilienthal had made the film of Ida Best's story his pet project.

In a scene of surprising tenderness, Ida bids farewell to her Hollywood life and rides off into the blue horizon to start her new life as a countess.  Gene played the scene to perfection, from the toss of her cloched head as she stepped from the train platform to the way she tearfully clutched her string of beads as the train began its journey.

And those who watched the filming (especially Reuben Lilienthal) felt the magic that would take Monolithic Studios to even greater heights...

The magic of Gene Marshall.

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