Bronze depicts Madra Lord in the film Stepping High 's chorus line.
92030 bronze close


92030 bronze full


Info Edit

SKU: 92030

Released: 2007

Edition: 350



Company: Integrity Toys

Retail: $129.00

Doll Edit

Madra doll with tan skin, ash blonde hair, styled in rolled bangs and chin length underflip. Pink bow lips, unknown eyeshadow.


Dark rose satin shirred bra shirt, white high-waisted shorts.


Olive green satin tie belt.


Ankle-strap open-toed olive sandals.


"Gold" post earrings.

Description Edit

Introducing the Stepping High collection, as this season Gene marshall and Madra Lord star together in Monolithic Studio's biggest backstage musical ever. In tribute to the fashion follies of Hollywood hocus-pocus, we bring you a veritible chorus-line of choices for our girls as they tap their way into your hearts and their stunning wardrobe choices.

Script / Star File Edit

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