is a dress worn by Gene for her birthday.

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SKU: 94655

Released: 1998

Retired: 2001

Circa: 1951

Designer: Kate Johnson

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $29.95

Story Card Edit

The world knows her as Gene Marshall, the glamorous Hollywood movie star.  But to the folks of Cos Cob, Connecticut, she's just Katie Marshall, who won the local talent show when she was eight.

Gene came home to celebrate her 28th birthday with family and long-time friends.  She joked with her father, opened her presents, sneaked a fingerful of frosting from Mom's homemade cake, and scooped up butter pecan ice cream for everybody.

Just as Gene was finishing the last crumbs of birthday cake, Mrs Marshall gave her famous daughter a tiny velvet box with an exquisite cameo nestled within.  "It's been passed down from mother to daughter for generations," said her mom.  "It's part of our family's legacy.  And now it's your turn, Katie, to carry on the tradition."

Gene and her mom hugged and wept a few happy tears, then left to attend the Ladies Fine Arts Society meeting.  Mrs Marshall was so proud her daughter was going with her...and so touched that Gene wore the heirloom cameo on her lapel.

At the meeting, Gene's third-grade teacher, her old babysitter, and many other familiar faces warmly greeted her as "Katie, dear".  "It's so hard for us to believe you're a famous movie star," said Mrs Marshall.  Gene put an arm around her mom and, lightly touching the cameo, replied, "I know, Mom.  And I like it that way."