Caribbean Kiss Stock full

Credit: Ashton-Drake

Caribbean Kiss shows Gene Marshall in an eyeshadow advertisement.  Caribbean Kiss is a colorswap of Coral Kiss.

Info Edit

SKU: 93817

Released: 2003

Edition: 750 (Retailer Show Exclusive Limited Edition)

Circa: 1955


Company: Ashton Drake

Retail: $150.00

Doll Edit

Gene doll with dark brown or black hair. Center part pulled back with shoulder length curls. Coral lips, grey eyeshadow.


Teal sheath dress with embroidered asymmetrical bodice.


Teal draped stole with embroidery, hosiery.


Silver open-toed sandals.


Rhinestone drop earrings, hair ornaments.

Description Edit

Gene ad for Coral Kiss Lipstick was such a smash, Mark of Beauty Cosmetics asks her to do a follow-up in shades of blue to match their new eye shadow. Includes a matching stole with Caribbean Blue bead and brocade, lined in silver tissue lamé, rhinestone earrings, hair ornaments, silver sandals, hosiery and custom stand.

Story Card Edit


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