Champagne Supper shows Gene on a date.

Champagne supper

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SKU: 94662

Released: 1998

Retired: 2000

Circa: 1957

Designer: Tim Kennedy

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $79.95

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He flew to London all the way from Hollywood just to be with her.  They had starred in a number of movies together, been the closest of friends for ages.  But lately something new and profound had been dawning deep inside him whenever he thought of her...Gene Marshall.

He slipped the maître d' a generous tip to ensure the evening would be perfect--candlelight and iced champagne.  When she appeared, pausing with a dancer's poise at the top of the hotel's grand staircase, he was as speechless as a boy with his first crush.  She was so lovely, so incandescent, every inch a star...and a genuinely wonderful woman.

That look in his famous eyes as she stood at the top of the stairs set Gene's heart to fluttering.  His reverent expression told her more in an instant of his tender new feelings than all the bouquets of roses he'd ever sent her.  Her feet scarcely touched the ground, and as she took his hand in hers, she felt the warmth and gentle strength of his fingers through her gloves.  From that moment on the evening passed in a rainbow-colored dream.  They'd kissed dozens of times in the movies, but that was work.  For the first time she found herself wondering what it would be like to truly kiss him.  She wasn't sure what she drank or ate at supper.  All she knew was that she was as giddy as a butterfly, and so lightheaded it must have been the champagne.  Gene knew right then that this was the man her parents should meet...very soon.