Cherry Crisp is an alternate colorway of the Gene doll Cocoa Crisp. She was available exclusively as a Tour Doll in an Ultra Limited Edition available for purchase by lottery.

Info Edit

SKU: 92022A

Released: 2007

Edition: 5


Company: Integrity Toys


Doll Edit

Gene doll with platinum blonde hair. Styled with widow's peak pulled back into curled chignon. Red lips, soft pink eyeshadow.


Red jacket with three-quarter length bell sleeves and emrboidered balloon cuffs, matching pencil skirt.


White satin gloves, cream floral headband hat.


Red "leather" open-toed strap pumps.


"Gold" and "diamond" flower brooches, studs with pearl drop earrings, tennis bracelet.

Description Edit

We are proud to announce the long anticipated return of the Gene Fan Appreciation Tour! Created just for this occasion, only five Gene Marshall Cherry Crisp doll will be available for this tour. This very special doll was designed by Mel Odom and Jason Wu just for the occasion. Don’t miss your chance to own this exquisite piece of Gene’s history! Come meet Mel Odom creator of the Gene Marshall Doll and have your dolls signed!

Doll 1: W Club

Doll 2: IFDC Convention

Doll 3: Stella's House of Dolls, Beaverton, OR

Doll 4: Official Gene Marshall Convention, Pittsburgh, PA

Doll 5: Gigi’s Dolls and Sherry’s Teddy Bears, Chicago, IL

Script / Star File Edit

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