Photo by Suzanne McD

Gene fashion from the 2005 Decade of Dreams convention.

Info Edit

SKU: 03-00023-115

Released: 2005

Edition: 355


Company: Ashton Drake

Price: Part of convention package

Story CardEdit

In the film, I'll Take Manhattan, Gene Marshall played the part of Honey Wheaton, a honey blonde from the Midwest who was also a honey of fashion designer - much to the chagrin of her new boss, Lotta Moola (played by Madra Lord).

In honor of Honey's arrival in New York, Lotta throws a "Welcome to the Hive, Honey" cocktail bash and suggests that Honey design a gown to it, to show everyone what she can do - in just three days!

Back in Honey's studio apartment, her pencil fairly burns up the paper as she busily starts designing her dress for the party. That's when Monolithic animation unit took over. In a stunning set piece, Honey (in live action) jumps into her sketch pad, as Arfy and Mowser, Monolithic's Mellowtoons animated dog and cat stars, lead her on a merry chase through Designville, with Honey magically creating a new line as she goes. Audiences held their breaths (and their sides laughing) at the duo-now-a-trio's antics, as the designs Honey draws magically pop off the page and onto her (and sometimes onto Arfy and Mowser!).

Three days later, at the party, Lotta buzzes around in queen bee fashion. Suddenly, the doors to the ballroom spring open and in walks Honey, resplendent in her final choice of a dress. And audiences howled as Lotta's jaw hit the floor as a stream of models from the showroom sauntered in behind Honey - wearing Honey's complete new line of cocktail dresses!

Later, before returning to Hollywood, Gene attended a charity fashion show and auction, with a parade of Gene's favorite outfits from her ten years in show business - capped off by all of "Honey's creations" featured in I'll Take Manhattan, provided by Monolithic for the occasion, with a stunning Gene herself modeling the exact outfit she wore in the film!

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