Dark Desire

Credit: Ashton-Drake

Dark Desire
shows Madra Lord in the film The Lady or the Spider?

Info Edit

SKU: 76659

Released: 2002

Edition: 3000

Circa: 1942

Designer: George Sarofeen

Company: Ashton-Drake


Doll Edit

Madra doll with red center-parted hair. Styled in rolls. Maroon lips, brown and gold eyeshadow.


Black crepe pleated dress, lined in chartreuse.


Black chartreuse-lined hood. chartreuse gloves, black muff, hosiery.


Black "velvet" pumps.


Silver brooch, silver stud earrings.

Description Edit

Madra chats with a fan about a courtroom scene in The Lady or the Spider, in which she's on trial for the mysterious murder of her second husband - or was it her third?

Story Card Edit

"'42's The Lady or the Spider? was a classic--and one of your most versatile performances."

"Versatile.  That's sweet, dearest--but 'brilliant' probably would be closer to the truth..."

Madra was at the opening of another picture, chatting with an admirer who had fanned her ego enough to push her past a perfunctory "pleased-to-meetcha"--and now that she had his ear, she held on like a terrier.

"I FOUND that story you know, in a little woman's magazine.  I had to practically LAY my CONTRACT on the line to get R.L. to produce the thing.  And what thanks did I get?"

"The enduring love and admiration of your public for a 'brilliant' performance?" the fan offered.

"Well, of course, THAT--but I was hoping for an award of some kind.  I mean, look at the range of acting: I ran the gamut from A to Z and back again, PDQ.  Passion.  Tears.  Deceit.  Gape-jawed innocence.  And the scene in the witness box..."

The fan sighed.  "On trial for the murder of your third husband.  In your widow's weeds..."  The fan took on the voice of the bailiff: "State your name."

Without batting an eye, Madra chimed in with her line: "Winifred Ives Donnely Odom Waterston."

"How did you remember all that?" gushed the fan.

"Easy, darling: I just took the first letter of each name--a little mnemonic trick we actors use.  And did you notice the way I eyed the prosecuting attorney all the way through that scene--whose last name was BLACK?"
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