Daughter of the Nile
shows Gene in the film Daughter of the Nile.

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Released: 1998

Retired: 2000

Circa: 1951

Designer: Timothy Alberts

Company: Ashton Drake

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Determined to entice back audiences lured from movie houses by Hollywood's greatest rival, television, Monolithic Studios poured millions of dollars and an all-star cast of thousands into a stupendous historical epic called Daughter of the Nile.  In the female lead they naturally cast their number one box office draw, Gene Marshall.  It proved to be a smart move.  Daughter attracted vast hordes of people back to the theaters, becoming one of Monolithic's greatest successes.

Gene's talent and exotic, raven-haired beauty stood out among all the stars packed into this picture, filmed on location in Luxor, Egypt.  The filming conditions were primitive.  People wilted under the unrelenting sun and hot lights.  Make-up crews frantically hid sunburns under melting pancake base.  The stars' dressing rooms were desert tents.  But Gene kept everyone's spirits up, regaling them with sidesplitting tales of her ongoing battle with a curious camel who kept poking his head into her tent for a peek at this favorite movie star!

Gene was incandescent in her role as a priestess of Isis whose gift of seeing the future in the green waters of the Nile came to the notice of the mighty Pharaoh.  In a riveting temple scene she sends a heartfelt plea to Isis, her breathtaking turquoise gown flowing about her like the rippling waters of the Nile, her enthralling eyes shimmering with tears.  All agreed that Gene's luminous beauty and extraordinary talent made the ancient monuments and glories of Egypt live once more.