Deep rose

Credit: Integrity Toys.

Deep Rose is a dressed Madra Lord from the Stepping High Collection.

Info Edit

SKU: 92026

Released: Fall 2007

Circa: 1943


Company: Integrity Toys


Story Card Edit

From the book Kickin’ for the Boys: Singin’ and Dancin’ in the Films of the ‘40s:

Steppin’ High was a true standout hit for Monolithic Studios in the early 1940s. This was the story of two sisters (played by veteran performer Madra Lord and fresh-faced newcomer Gene Marshall) who come to Manhatten from Iowa to make their fame and fortune, one as a choreographer and one as a ballet dancer. However, they both wind up “steppin’ high” in a burlesque review (much to the delight of the men in uniform on leave!). By centering the musical numbers on dance as opposed to singing, Monolithic saved a huge amount by not having to dub tone-deaf Lord’s singing voice one more time and could take advantage of their new star Marshall’s classical dance training (which adapted nicely to the obligatory swing numbers). It also gave both actresses the opportunity to show off their pin-up quality pins.

Included in this volume is a scene between Lois (the older sister, played by Lord) and the younger sister Nan (played by Marshall). Down in the depths of despair, the sisters come up with a plan to make themselves stand out in Floogie’s Hot Foot Review. The scene’s blatant “gung-ho” attitude is just what the country needed at that time.

Scene 4: Floogie’s Hot Foot Review, First Draft, November 1943: [Passages from the film are reproduced in the script included with Deep Rose Madra, but not reproduced here...possible edit?]

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