Derby eve

Photo by Suzanne McD

Derby Eve
is an outfit worn by Gene Marshall at a party.

Info Edit

SKU: 37961

Released: 2003

Edition: convention

Circa: 1948


Company: Ashton Drake

Price: Part of convention package

Story Card Edit

The Derby Eve Party was in full swing.  The room was filled with revelers.  Southern belles ringed the room, coyly greeting their suitors in their fine attire.

On the dance floor, Colonel danced with Colonel--and Gene was among them, since only that morning she had been inducted as one of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.  As one after another of the established Colonels whisked her around the floor, she gave an apologetic wave to Trent Osborn, sitting alone at their table.  But Trent didn't see, since he was too busy taking in the "local scenery"--and they were looking back!

Then the music stopped and the dancers applauded the orchestra as they got up to take a short break.  But even before the bandstand had emptied, a Distinguished Gentleman had approached the microphone, a mint julep in his upraised hand.

"A toast!" he cried, and, as if by magic, everyone in the room suddenly held a julep, too.

"Another toast?" Gene laughed to the Colonel on her left.  She'd lost count of the number of toasts that had been proffered that night.

And at that moment, Gene was hit with a spotlight as the man at the microphone called out, "To the newest member of our exclusive coterie--Miss Gene Marshall!"

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