Destiny was an annual edition showing Gene in a never-released film called Destiny.


Info Edit

SKU: 94656

Released: 1998

Retired: 1998

Circa: 1954

Designer: Mark Esposito

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $89.95

Story Card Edit

In 1954, Monolithic Studios ran a costume test for a proposed film with a working title of Destiny.  The film was never made, but through a quirk of fate the test became one of the "lost reels" of Gene Marshall--and that was enough to make film buffs cherish this rare footage of their idol.  Hollywood legend has it that the footage was saved because a veteran film editor fell in love with Gene.

This editor had been speeding through the reel when by chance he stopped on the frame of Gene walking into the ballroom.  She immediately captured his attention.  He had seen literally hundreds of stars, but never had one so instantly riveted him as this one had.

The camera loved her.  She was so vibrant, with a fresh, uncommon loveliness that promised a beauty that would never fade.  The exquisite strapless taffeta ball gown emphasized her still-innocent sensuality.  Her feminine vulnerability leapt off the film and touched even his jaded heart.  Her extraordinary talent earned his lifelong respect.  The editor saved every last bit of footage on her he could find for his own private film library.

Many years later, a Hollywood reception was held in Gene's honor.  The surprise highlight of the evening was when the lights dimmed, the projection camera rolled, and the thrilled audience saw--for the first time ever--the stunning premiere of Miss Gene Marshall in Destiny.