Diamond Evening shows Gene Marshall at a party.

Info Edit

SKU: 38258

Released: 2001

Circa: 1952

Designer: Sarah Piscazzi

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $120.00

Story Card Edit

The famous fashion artiste, known by the single name of René, was holding a party--and the invitation was totally in keeping with René's sense of mystery and fun.  "Come and spend the evening with my scintillating Guest of Honor," it read.  "Who will it be?  Only René knows!  And all the ladies MUST wear their favorite René creation."

Now, everyone in Hollywood who was in the know owned a René gown--and the chance to wear one to the designer's own soirée was too good for anyone to pass up.  It was a special joy for Gene, who had known René for many years and was a true fan of his work.  Invitation in hand, she ran to her closet and pulled out her favorite René gown: sleek and silvery, with a train sprinkled with diamonds that swirled around her like a galaxy of stars.

The night of the party arrived.  The first person Gene saw was René himself, carrying a velvet box.  "I'm so excited to meet the Guest of Honor--but where is she?" Gene asked, her eyes searching the room.

"Why, she's the one wearing the diamond tiara," smiled René as he swiftly opened the box and slipped a crown of gems onto Gene's head.  "You are my favorite person to dress; you are my honored guest."

Gene gasped, then laughed a tinkling laugh, as glittering as the diamonds in her hair.  "Oh, René--you are the sweetest!"  And she kissed him on the cheek as they walked into the room, arm in arm...