Distant Venus depicts Gene in a 1950s futuristic science fiction gown.

Info Edit

SKU: 92069

Dream City 2008 logo

The Girls from Dream City logo - Gene Marshall Convention XIII Orlando, Florida

Released: 2008

Edition: 300

Circa: 1950s

Company: Integrity Toys

Price: Part of convention package The Girls from Dream City convention exclusive - Gene Convention XIII, Orlando, Florida, 2008

Doll Edit

Gene doll with platinum grey hair. Red lips, grey eyeshadow.


White mermaid gown with silver embroidery and rounded collar.


Silver belt, white gauntlets, silver embroidered "crown," ray gun.


Silver open-toed sandals.


Silver orb earrings, silver geometric pendant necklace.

Description Edit

‘Distant Venus’ has a fairly complex design pedigree. Imagine if you will, what is basically a medieval gown as created and stylized by a 1930s Hollywood costume designer then interpreted by a 1950s Hollywood costume designer as the way an alien race (having watched too many old movies on earth TV) would mistakenly think earthlings in the mid-1950s actually dress. Got it? Well that twisted explanation is hardly a sufficient description for this lovely gown made of iridescent white and embroidered in silver. A full, deep, rounded collar exposes the throat and is the banded in a pattern of silvery geometric embroidery that is repeated on the short embroidered cuffs. Beneath the cuffs are full-length detached sleeves coming to a point over the hands and echoing the long sculptural lines of the silver belted gown. The long, flared skirt and lavish train that complete this gown conceal silvery ‘leather’ high-heel sandals. The jewelry is simple with ‘silver’ orbs as the earrings; the overall look is anything BUT simple. Distance never looked more inviting.

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