Doing Her Part
shows Gene Marshall as a Civil Defense warden.

Info Edit


Released: 2005


Circa: 1942

Designer: the Gene Team

Company: Ashton Drake


Story Card Edit

The voice on the other end of the line sounded official but warm.  "Miss Gene Marshall, please..."

"Speaking.  Who's this?"

"This is Oliver Warton from the OWI--the Office of War Information?  You were kind enough to help us out with a Victory Garden campaign last year.  Now we're doing one on Civil Defense..."

Gene listened intently--and then said, "I would not only be happy to pose for your posters--but I'd also like to be your first recruit!"

And so Gene trained to be her neighborhood's Civil Defense warden.  On the night of her drill, she went about her business as usual, fixing her dinner, feeding the dogs, studying her script for the next day's shooting...she wanted everything to seem as normal as possible so she would know how she'd react in case of an emergency.

Suddenly, it was 9:00 and the siren from the firehouse down the street shattered the balmy California night air like a pane of glass.  Gene dropped her script, grabbed her warden's gear, and was out the door like a shot!

A friendly but stern warning to a group of youngsters playing Kick the Can had them scurrying into their houses and the protective arms of their parents.  An amplified conversation with Old Mrs Sweeney (who was slightly deaf) convinced her to turn off her lights and finish her knitting later, and...

In no time at all the drill was complete!  Gene had done her part--and the neighborhood was grateful to have such a dedicated (and pretty!) Civil Defense warden!

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