Dont fence me in
Don't Fence Me In
is an outfit worn by Gene Marshall in the film Shooting Star.

Info Edit

SKU: 76403

Released: 2000

Edition: 5000

Circa: 1952

Designer: Vince Nowell

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $34.95

Story Card Edit

The western Shooting Star was a departure--Gene in jeans!

The film is a story of the American Southwest.  An evil land baron, Marlowe, is threatening to foreclose on the Long Acre Ranch--the only open access to the river, the town's water supply.  With the river cut off, cattle will thirst, crops will fail--and the town will falter.

Marlowe heads to the Long Acre Ranch to present the foreclosure notice.  Knocking on the ranch house door, he's greeted by Tom, the head of the ranch hands.  "Where's the boss man?" Marlowe growls.  Tom steps back to reveal--Gene, thumbs in her belt loops and her head held high.  She runs the ranch--inherited from her father--and all the ranch hands admire her grit and respect her authority.

She states that she's the "boss man", and whips off the bandanna around her neck to wipe her hands.  Marlowe, however, laughs loudly--but his sneers fade as the ranch hands line up behind her to show their support.  But it doesn't keep him from snarling a threat as he leaves that she'd better get the money to pay the mortgage--or else.

Left alone, Gene's bravado begins to falter.  How can she thwart Marlowe and keep the ranch?  Hands in her jeans pockets, she kicks at the dirt with the toe of her hand-tooled boot and surveys the land she loves.  She takes a pencil and pad from the button pocket of her shirt and starts to do some figuring.  And then--the glimmer of a plan...

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