Dressed to Kill
is the outfit worn by Madra Lord to the premiere of Deep Devotion.

Info Edit

SKU: 92268

Released: 2000

Circa: 1941

Designer: Tim Kennedy

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $44.95

Story Card Edit

The Regency Theatre. Times Square. New York City. Everyone was on hand to witness the premiere of Monolithic Studios’ (and Madra Lord’s) latest hit, Deep Devotion, costarring Trent Osborn. Madra was there, on Trent’s arm as usual. Lined up along the red carpet to the doors of the Regency, fans were simply agog that they were practically rubbing elbows with Hollywood royalty—even the sweet young usherette in blue who held the flashlight and escorted Madra down the aisle seemed a little on edge...

The lights dimmed. The Monolithic Studios logo appeared. The applause turned to gasps, oohs and ahhs as Madra Lord swept across the screen, enfolded in a sleek golden gown—the same one Madra just happened to be wearing at the premiere. In the movie, she was so beautiful, but so unhappy...

And there in the audience was the REAL Madra Lord. And she WAS beautiful—but that look in her eyes wasn’t unhappy; it was downright ANGRY. She kept loudly whispering to her seatmate that SOMETHING was up with this cute little usherette and...

And then the projector stopped. And then a fidgety audience went into the lobby—just in time to meet Erik von Sternberg’s latest discovery: Gene Marshall, the usherette in blue. And then Madra Lord stalked off to the Ladies’ Lounge—and the sound of a mirror being smashed echoed through the theatre...

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