Evening Mist depicts Zita in an elegant evening gown.

Info Edit

SKU: 92077

Released: 2009

Edition: 305 (Limited Edition, W Club Exclusive 2009 Upgrade Doll)

Circa: 1930s


Inspiration: Christian Dior 1947

Company: Integrity Toys

Retail: $125.00

Doll Edit

A Zita dressed doll with brown-black hair, styled in Marcel waves. Red lips, lavender eyeshadow.


Deep blue evening gown with cut-out bows draping to a pleat-front skirt with train.


Lavender elbow gloves; floral corsage.


Blue "leather" pumps.


"Diamond" solitaire earrings.

Description Edit

Evening Mist clings to the soft curves and contours of the body divine that is Zita Charles. The deep evening blue satin gown is daringly cut and draped, featuring a flattering, sweetheart neckline above a bodice bound by three tailored bows, tied in front. These bows create an abstract butterfly pattern both concealing and revealing the elegant torso beneath. The slender skirt hides a surprising volume in the front with a series of deep pleats centered at the waistline and expanding to the hem. An extended train drapes above matching blue ‘leather’ pumps and behind the graceful skirt to ground this ethereal vision, while lavender gloves to the elbow match the whimsical corsage of milliners bloom. Zita’s hair is a classic, thirties marcel-cut of deep brunette waves to the chin, spangled at the ears with ‘diamond’ solitaires. Her maquillage is of the most flattering shades of lilac while her mouth is painted two tones of deep red. Zita is a vision of allure in shades of ‘Evening Mist’.

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