Fit for a Queen shows Gene Marshall on a cruise.  This doll came with "scrapbook pages".

Info Edit

SKU: 94670

Released: 2004


Circa: 1948

Designer: Lynne Day

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $175.00

Story Card Edit

"All ashore who's going ashore!"

Gene watched as the gangplank of the Queen of the Sea took leave of the side of the ship.  Standing at the rail, she waved goodbye to the crowd on the dock--and to her luggage, which she saw sitting comfortably on a cart next to a dockworker frantically waving back!

Hurrying along the deck, she found the purser.  "I don't mean to be a bother," gasped Gene, "but most of my luggage is still in New York..."

The purser leaped into action.  Shortly, he returned with a sheepish look.  "I am so sorry, Miss Marshall.  We'll try to get your luggage to the ship as soon as possible.  In the meantime your luggage that did make it on board has been placed in your stateroom--and the captain requests the pleasure of your company at his table this evening."

Now it was Gene's turn to leap into action.  Hurrying to her stateroom, she took stock of what had made it onto the ship.  "All right."  She smiled.  "If I mix and match this blouse with this skirt..."

That night at dinner, a resplendent Gene stepped into the Queen of the Sea's plush dining room.  And from the applause of the other diners (and the smile on the handsome captain's face), she knew her ensemble was a success.  "What a funny scene.  I'll have to remember this in case I ever do a movie on a cruise ship," Gene thought as she accepted the captain's outstretched hand and sat down to dinner...

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