Formal Introduction shows Trent Osborn in a tuxedo.

Trent formal introduction photo

Info Edit

SKU: 38250

Released: 2001

Designer: Lynne Day

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $110

Story Card Edit

Oh, the tales these tails could tell...

I’ve worn these duds to many a fancy Hollywood bash. Grand premieres of films that I was in--and quite a few that I wasn’t. Broadway openings. Even to a couple of my weddings...

Sometimes I imagine I can still smell the perfumes of the various and sundry beauties I’ve squired while wearing these tails. Mary, Madra, Greta, Gene, Veronica--even ZaSu. Faint whiffs of loveliness that spark memories of happy times (and an occasional slap or two--well-deserved, I might add, and worth every smack).

The thing I like about them most though is that they never go out of style. They always look good, no, great. They always fit the occasion, never looking too common at the toniest of affairs; but with the loosening of a tie or the removal of a coat, they can take on an air of nonchalance that befits the rowdiest of parties.

So the next party you’re having, give me a call. “Have Tails, Will Travel” is my motto. And my tails and I are always happy to tell a tale or two...

...or add a new one to our repertoire!

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