Friendly Connection
is an outfit worn by Gene Marshall.

Info Edit

SKU: 76155

Released: 2000

Edition: Ashton-Drake exclusive, 2500

Circa: 1956

Designer: George Sarofeen

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $39.95

Story Card Edit

"WILL-BE-IN-LOS-ANGELES-SHORT-TIME-BETWEEN-FLIGHTS-STOP-ARE-YOU-AVAILABLE-FOR-COCKTAILS-AND-DINNER-STOP-LET-ME-KNOW-END" read the wire that arrived from a dear old friend from Gene's hometown of Cos Cob.


Then the fun began.  Gene always loved planning an event--even a dinner for two.  First, Gene called her favorite restaurant and made reservations and ordered dinner, so it would be ready and waiting.  Then she called a limousine service and arranged to have her friend picked up at the airport and whisked to the restaurant.  Then, finally, shopping for a new dress.  She finally settled on a beautiful dark blue taffeta, with a flattering flare.  Now, for all the accessories that HAD to go with it: beaded purse, jewelry--and oh, that hat with the feathers!

The evening arrived--and so did Gene's friend.

"As usual, you've outdone yourself," said her friend.

"I knew you'd be in a hurry, so I wanted everything to be perfect," smiled Gene.

"And it is--but guess what?  My flight's been canceled!  So now we have all the time we need to catch you up on the latest from home..."

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