Garden Party

Credit: Ashton-Drake

Garden Party
shows Gene Marshall at a bridal shower.

Info Edit

SKU: 38240

Released: 2001

Edition: 1,000

Circa: 1950

Designer: Deborah Silva

Inspiration: Jacques Fath

Company: Ashton-Drake

Retail: $120.00

Doll Edit

Gene doll with dark brown hair. Red lips, grey eyeshadow. Bendable knees and elbows.


Cream satin dress with ribbon embroidery.


Cream belt, cream circle embroidered hat, white gloves, cream satin purse.


Cream satin strappy sandals.


"Pearl" stud earrings, double strand "pearl" bracelet and necklace.

Description Edit

Gene's best friend in Cos Cob asks her to be Maid of Honor - and Gene throws her a lovely bridal tea. A lovely dress of cream silk charmeuse with colored silk ribbon, multi-colored beads and embroidered flowers as decoration.

Story Card Edit

"Would you, Katie?"

Gene hardly paused for breath before she answered.  "How could you even think I would say no?  Just tell me the day and I'll be there.  Oh, I'm so excited!"

Gene's best friend from Cos Cob had just called to ask Gene to be her Maid of Honor at her spring wedding.

Gene went on.  "And, of course, you'll let me throw you the most wonderful afternoon tea the day before the wedding--just like the one we snuck into when we were girls, remember?  We took some of those sweet little tea cakes and hid in a tree and watched all the women in their pretty garden party dresses?  Well, now those women will be us!!  I'll call Mother right now and get cooking on the arrangements!"

"Oh, a party!"  Mrs Marshall was agog.  "Let me handle all the arrangements, dear," she told Gene.  "Why, I haven't given one of these teas since you were a little girl.  Mercy, you probably don't even recall..."

And Gene had to smile as she returned the receiver to its cradle.

The day of the tea, the guests filled the Marshalls' backyard.  All the colorful dresses made them look like flowers in a garden.  And Gene was the perfect hostess in her lovely dress, embroidered with a bouquet of beautiful posies--but none as lovely as the delightful flower wearing the gown!

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