Crafted to Gene's exact measurements. Black and clear acrylic.

Info Edit

SKU: 94390

Released: 1997

Designer: Joan Greene

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $19.95

Catalog DescriptionEdit

Custom-crafted to Gene’s exact measurements and height so any costume displayed on it will look as wonderful as when Gene is wearing it herself. Use the forms to create a dramatic display of Gene’s entire wardrobe. Black and clear acrylic with decorative blue bow.

Card CopyEdit

The latest word from the salons of Paris, from Milan, and from our homegrown design studios of Seventh Avenue is that Gene Marshall is THE star to design for! We’ve heard of leading couturiers displaying Miss Marshall’s dress form in their fitting rooms to impress new clients. It could be speculated that Gene Marshall’s figure, even when displayed in static form, might inspire even the most attractive society belle to take a good hard look in the mirror, and sigh to herself with thinly-veiled envy.

Story CardEdit

No story card was made to accompany this accessory.

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