Collector guide by Carolyn Cook and published by Hobby House press.

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1st editionEdit

ISBN: 0-87588-523-3

Released: 1998

Edition: Hardcover 128 pages

Author: Carolyn Cook

Company: Hobby House Press

Retail: $24.95

The first book about the popular fashion doll from Mel Odom and Ashton-Drake. This original version relates the background on Gene's development and covers the dolls and costumes from 1995 through 1998.

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2nd editionEdit

ISBN: 0-87588-558-6

Released: 1999

Edition: Hardcover 152 pages

Author: Carolyn Cook

Company: Hobby House Press

Retail: $24.95

Expanded and updated through the 1999 line of Gene dolls and her fashions and accessories. Everything you always wanted to know about this glamorous star is recorded: how the doll was created, the background on Mel Odom, information about the Gene Team members and the designers who contributed to the doll's huge success. All of the Gene dolls and costumes from her inception are documented with the stories about their origin. Secondary market prices are included. Almost 200 gorgeous color photos.

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3rd editionEdit

ISBN: 0-87588-605-1

Released: 2001

Edition: Hardcover 176 pages

Author: Carolyn Cook

Company: Hobby House Press

Retail: $24.95

Now in its 3rd edition, this exciting and informative pictorial identification guide to Gene is better than ever. This new edition includes every Gene doll, every fashion and accessories from her creation through the 2001 line. New stars -- Madra Lord and Trent Osborn make their first book appearance too, along with their fashions and accessories. Gene fans everywhere will enjoy the behind-the-scenes information on Gene, her creator, Mel Odom, plus Gene team members and designers. Find out everything you could ever want to know about this glamorous star. The story line that is linked to each costume is included in this book to increase the collector's knowledge of Gene's fictional biography. Secondary market prices round out this complete and thorough new edition for collectors of Mel Odom's Gene!

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