is an outfit worn by Gene Marshall at a party.

Info Edit

SKU: 76408

Released: 2000

Edition: 5000

Circa: 1952

Designer: Lynne Day

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $44.95

Story Card Edit

Gene's western film, Shooting Star, was finished shooting.  And just in time, for the little house Gene had bought during the filming had been furnished and decorated and was ready for a "hacienda warming".

So Gene sent out invitations to cast, crew, the locals who had been so kind to the company--and to one special gentleman.

She had noticed him the first day of filming, standing off to the side.  There was something about his presence that commanded attention, in its own quiet way.  When he shyly approached her to talk, Gene was soon won over by his down-to-earth ways and unassuming manner--and impeccable manners as well.  He became a frequent visitor to the set, often advising Gene on the history of the area--information she used to help deepen her performance.

And now, in appreciation, she had asked him to be her escort at the unveiling of her hacienda getaway.  As she did a final check of her lovely teal hostess gown in the new hall mirror, she heard the door chime.  Pulling on her bolero jacket, she opened the door--and there he was.

"I brought you a little housewarming present," he said, holding up a stunning gold necklace.  "This gold came from one of our mines."

"And all this time I thought you were a cowboy--and here you were a GOLDboy all along," said Gene--and they both laughed.

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