Hello Hollywood, Hello shows Gene arriving in Hollywood from her discovery in New York.

Hello Hollywood Hello

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SKU: 94657

Released: 1998

Circa: 1941

Designer: Doug James and Joan Greene

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $79.95

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The producer, Erik von Sternberg, inspected his newest starlet through a monocled eye.  "You climbed onto this train, clutching your daddy and your teddy bear, a little girl--a nobody!  But when you step off this train in Hollywood, Miss Marshall, you're stepping off this train a star!"

Gene didn't know how true these words were until the train pulled into the depot.  To her amazement, a crowd of photographers and curious onlookers were swarming around a billboard bearing her picture and new name!  As she stood poised on the train steps there was a moment of awed silence at her beauty.  Suddenly the crowd came alive with a sea of popping flashbulbs, microphones, and excitedly waving autograph books.  Gene was overwhelmed, and gasped when her favorite movie idol appeared at her elbow, presenting her with pink roses, a dashing smile, and a gentlemanly hand down from the train!

As they posed for the photos by the billboard the crowd buzzed her name, enthralled by her winning smile, genuine warmth, and incredible beauty.  Only when her slender, perfect legs folded gracefully into the limo did the crowd disperse, still chatting excitedly--"Gene Marshall!"

Seated in the luxurious limo between her dream idol and powerful mentor, Gene whispered in Teddy Bear's ear: "Pinch me, Theo!  It's everything I ever dreamed of!  Oh, hello Hollywood--hello!"