Honeymoon is an outfit worn by Gene Marshall in the film Monaco.


Info Edit

SKU: 93524

Released: 1999


Circa: 1950

Designer: José Ferrand

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $44.95

Story Card Edit

"What would Mother and Daddy think?"

Gene Marshall studied herself in the dressing room mirror.  In a few minutes she would be under the hot lights filming the final scene of Monaco--acting as if the "night air" of Monte Carlo was causing her to shiver as she reflected on her good fortune.  Rubbing her arms and drawing the diaphanous folds of lace around her, she would step off the balcony and back into the honeymoon suite--just in time for the prince (her new husband and true love) to hand her a bubbly glass of champagne.  A toast, a passionate kiss, and then...fade out.

This dazzling peignoir set would be just perfect for the moment.  Waiting for the assistant director to call her to the set, her thoughts turned to her parents and the pajamas they dressed her in for bed: footies on to keep her toes warm and back flap securely buttoned, they would give her her teddy bear and scoot her off to bed with a kiss.

Picking up that same teddy bear--the one her father had handed her as she boarded the train for Hollywood--she tried to imagine little Katie toddling up to bed in Cos Cob wearing blue lace and silk.

Giggling at the thought, she fell back on the chaise, kicking her legs.  Off flew one of her fur-trimmed mules, high into the air.  She caught it in one hand, slipped it on, and walked through her dressing room door and onto the set, ready to be charming for her prince.