Gene I Thee Wed

Credit: Ashton Drake

I Thee Wed depicts Gene Marshall in a wedding gown in the film Personal Secretary.

Info Edit

SKU: 93978

Released: 2003

Edition: 1,000

Circa: 1957

Designer: Michelle Tibbetts

Company: Ashton Drake

Retail: $189.99


Gene doll with side-parted, chin length curls. Coral lipstick, pink eyeshadow and brown eyebrows.


Off the shoulder pink tulle dress with satin sweetheart bodice and lace ruffled overlay with beaded edging.


Pink tulle veil with attached beaded tiara, elbow length pink gloves, garter, bouquet of pink and white flowers, herirloom handkerchief embroidered in blue.


Pink pumps, material and style unknown.


"Pearl" stud earrings and double strand necklace with teardrop centerpiece.


I Thee Wed is a cloud of pink satin with a lace and tulle overlay and bead edging. Its sweetheart neckline is the perfect frame for Gene's double-strand "pearl" necklace. Ruffled sleeves complement the ruffled peplum at Gene's waist. Comes with earrings, elbow length gloves, beaded tiara with attached pink tulle veil, garter, bridal bouquet, hosiery, pumps -- and a traditional "heirloom" wedding handkerchief, perfect for passing from generation to generation.

Story Card Edit

1957 marked the year of one of Gene's most beloved comedies: "Personal Secretary." Filmed in wide-screen and in glorious MonolithiColor, audiences returned again and again to see Gene as the secretary who dreams, schemes and finally lands her handsome boss.

One of the big audience pleasers was the wedding dream sequence early in the film.

Gene, newly hired as a personal secretary to the boss, has fallen head over heels, hopelessly in love with him. It's all she can do to maintain a degree of decorum whenever he's around.

It's right after lunch. Afternoon dictation is over. The office is warm in the summer heat. And, sitting at her desk, she drifts into the cotton candy cloud of a lovely dream…

A wedding all in pink: bridesmaids, groomsmen, the groom (her boss, of course), the guests—even the minister is in pink. She literally floats down the aisle in a pink wedding gown, taking her place next to her boss, who takes her hand and says, tenderly, "With this ring I thee wed… With this ring I thee wed… With this ring… This ring… Ring… Ring… Rinnnnngggggg…"

Suddenly, she realizes that the phone on her desk is ringing off the hook. Flustered, she returns to reality and picks up the phone, practically shouting "I do! I mean, I will!! I mean—oh ring, ring, ring-a-ding-ding!" And with a sigh, she buries her head in her arms and plops dejectedly on her desk just as her boss steps up behind her…

And audiences howled with laughter!

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