Incognito depicts Gene in Italy.


Info Edit

SKU: 94659

Released: 1998

Circa: 1955

Designer: Timothy Alberts

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $79.95

Story Card Edit

Gene smoothly shifted the white Ferrari 375 MM convertible into third gear as soon as the romantic city streets of Rome melded into groves of dusky green olive trees and lush rows of grapevines heavy with rich purple fruit.  Her terriers, Dottie and Dashiell, shared the passenger seat, their black noses eagerly whiffing the exotic scents of the sun-drenched Italian countryside.  Hard at work on her third on-location film without a break, this rare day off was just what Gene needed to separate her "reel life" from real life.  And traveling incognito with sunglasses and scarf is crucial for that separation to occur.  Though she dearly loves her fans, sometimes it's nice to go incognito and be just an ordinary, unremarkable person that no one would look twice at.

The powerful vehicle purred as if with pleasure as she deftly passed a slow-moving tourist bus.  With her eyes on the road, Gene didn't notice the gaping faces pressed to the bus windows, their lips mouthing, "Isn't that Gene Marshall?" followed by the flash of cameras.  She stopped briefly for gasoline, but didn't hear the admiring attendants murmur, "Que bella donna!"  A shepherd kissed his fingertips in appreciation for her beauty when she drove past.  As she pulled into the pretty country inn in time for her lunch date, the padrone nearly tripped in his haste to welcome this gorgeous blonde American woman to his restaurant.  Incognito?  No beautiful woman in a convertible sports car goes unnoticed in romantic Italy!