Jack of Diamonds shows Trent Osborn in the film of the same name.

Info Edit


Released: 2005


Circa: 1946

Designer: Frank Ingenito

Company: Ashton Drake


Story Card Edit

1946.  You know, of all the roles I've played in my amazing career (on and off the screen), the ones I love most are, for want of a better term, the street guys.  Oh, sure, those elegant bachelor roles are nice (and so true to the real me) and the swashbucklers cut a swath with the ladies, but those tough guys with a heart of gold make me think back to my early days when I was a struggling young--well, younger--actor.  In those days, I must admit I hung around with a questionable crowd--good sorts as people but a bit shady when it came time to making a living...

My film Jack of Diamonds was a good example.  In it, I played Handsome Jack, the proprietor of an underground gambling establishment (and I do mean underground--its home was an abandoned subway station under Times Square).  One day, my life is turned upside-down by a cute little Doll From the Sticks (the lovely as ever Gene Marshall) who wants to be a star.  Using my "influence", I get her a job at a nightclub--but when she comes to me with a sob story about raising money to keep a boys club from going belly-up and bats those baby blues...well, what guy in his right mind could resist.

So I gather my friends, turn the nightclub into a casino for one night, raise the money--then the police show up!  Fortunately, a reprieve from Mayor LaGuardia saves the day and the boys club--and I get the girl.

Funny thing was, when this picture came out, I actually got a letter from one of my old Times Square cronies.  He complimented me on the great job I did.  And then he gave me this little tip on a horse that he heard just MIGHT win the Derby...

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