shows Madra Lord in the film Jack of Diamonds.

Info Edit

SKU: 03-00023-074

Released: 2005


Circa: 1946


Company: Ashton Drake


Story Card Edit

"All right--we've got your next picture lined up and it's a lulu!"  Benny Majors, agent extraordinaire, was on the phone with his "favorite" client, Madra Lord.

"What is it this time, Benny--please not another one of those melodramatic soapers..."  Madra dragged her words out to emphasize her ennui.

"Nope!" Benny replied brightly.  "It's a musical gangster flick--Jack of Diamonds!  And all the Monolithic biggies are in it: Trent Osborn, Violet Waters, and..."

"...Gene Marshall."  They said the name together.

"Oh, well--it sounds like fun anyway," Madra sighed.  "What's the part?"

"You're a nightclub chantoosie that has the proverbial heart of gold.  You spring to action when you hear there's a boys club going to fold for lack of funds and help put on a big show to raise the dough..."

"Wait!"  Madra's voice cut through Benny's chatter.  "You said musical.  Do I have to sing?"

"No, you have to move your lips.  The studio has already gotten somebody to dub your voice for your big number."

"Oh, who is it?" asked Madra eagerly.  "Is it Risë Stevens?  Jeanette MacDonald?  Not Sophie Tucker..."

Benny hesitated, then forged ahead.  "Uh, actually, it's Sparky McGarland--you know, from the Bratzenjammer Boys.  They're already in the picture and Sparky's voice hasn't changed yet..."

And Madra's scream could be heard in Carmel...

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