Gene fashion from the 2005 Decade of Dreams convention.

Info Edit

SKU: 03-00023-131


Released: 2005

Designer: George Sarofeen

Company: Ashton Drake


Story CardEdit

- - -The party following the successful premier of Gene Marshall's newest picture, 1951's "I'll Take Manhattan", had all Manhatten talking. Everyone who was anyone was there, including New York mayor Vincent R. Impellitteri!           - - -Suddenly, there she was at Radio City Music Hall stage door. She gingerly pushed it popen,and said to the grizzled doorman, "Vincent sent me."

     With a wink he shut the door behind her, took her to a dressing room and handed her a box. "Put these on and then follow me..."

      And that night, during the Christmas Spectacular finale, thirty-SEVEN Rockettes high-kicked teir way into the audience's hearts!     (Abreviated)


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