Ladies Who Lunch is a Gene Marshall doll released in 2006.

Info Edit

SKU: 92002

Released: 2006

Edition: 850

Inspiration: Helen Rose

Company: Integrity Toys

Price: $169.00

Doll Edit

Gene doll with honey blonde hair, styled in side-parted waves. Red lips, ??? eyeshadow.


Navy crepe fitted jacket with three-quarter length sleeves and pencil skirt.


Brown-grey "mink" stole with navy lining and bow, navy crepe poor-boy hat, tan "leather" gloves, tan "leather" overnight case.


Navy and cream lace up spectator pumps.


"Diamond" earrings and brooches.

Description Edit

“Ladies Who Lunch” is a smart navy crepe suit, pared down to a narrow silhouette of pencil thin, notched skirt and fitted jacket with side lacings and three quarter sleeves. An abbreviated ‘mink’ stole, lined in matching navy, is worn on an angle and tied with a Gene®rous bow of navy satin. Accessories for this monochromatic ensemble are a matching, bowed ‘poor-boy’ hat of navy crepe and elbow-length ‘leather’ ochre gloves, with matching, monogrammed overnight case. ‘Diamond’ earrings and broaches are the understated sparkle of this palette, with cream and navy cutout spectator pumps as the anything but understated shoe finale. With this sleek and sophisticated look, Gene® has joined the navy.

Script / Star File Edit

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