Licorice Threads

Info Edit


Released: 2009

Edition: 40

Circa: 1960

Company: Integrity Toys

Retail: $150

Doll Edit

Red hair pulled into a ponytail

Outfit Edit

Black version of Gene's Slender Threads with black version of the hat from the outfit Cocktail Hour

Accessories Edit

Black "fur" muff

Shoes Edit

Black fabric shoes

Jewelry Edit

The same earrings and bracelets (pearl and diamond) from the outfit Sambuca

Description Edit

This Zita was a centerpiece doll for the 2009 Integrity Toys event at the W Hotel in NYC.

With only 40 dolls in this edition, Licorice Threads Zita is the rarest of the all the Zita's created. Luminous Lavender and Silver Celebration (centerpiece dolls from the 2009 Hollywood Ahoy convention) are the same silver haired Zita in two color variations of the sequined gown from the 1939 film, The Women. 30 of each of these two color variations were made.

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