Like a Fox
shows Madra Lord at the premiere of Red Venus

Info Edit

SKU: 03-39410-011

Released: 2004


Circa: 1944

Designer: George Sarofeen

Company: Ashton-Drake



Madra doll with red hair.


Two piece cream evening gown with beaded gold trim on shoulders and peplum.


Gold and cream hat with veil trim, cream gloves, cream clutch purse, white "fur" stole.






It's 1944 and Madra—not to be outdone—is about to attend one of Gene's gala premieres in this elaborately trimmed evening suit, flecked with eye-catching beads and draped in a lavish "fur" stole! Her veiled hat trimmed in flowers, gold mesh gloves, clutch purse, dangling earrings, "diamond" bracelet, hose and shoes complete this scene-stealing ensemble! Also comes with two 2004 Gene Marshall scrapbook pages.

Story Card Edit

1944.  "Look, ma'am, an invitation," bubbled Madra's maid.  "Here it is, ma'am--delivered by hand, too!"

The stationery was grandly engraved with a special "G"--"My guess is that it's NOT from Lady Godiva, and that's the naked truth," muttered Madra.  She tore open the envelope and pulled out the invitation.

Madra's maid hung over Madra's shoulder, not even caring if Madra liked it or not.  "Ooooh, look!  It's to the premiere of that new Gene Marshall movie," she gushed.  "Oh, she's one of my favorites.  Such a great actress.  Could you get me her autograph, ma'am?"

"Just remember which great actress autographs your PAYCHECK, dearie.  Now, go and get out my gold evening suit--the one with all the trim and beading.  And a fur stole--the longest one I have."

"Why, ma'am--dressed like that, no one is even going to look at anyone else.  It's crazy..."

"...Like a fox!" grinned Madra.  "Not long ago, Miss Gene was the talk of one of MY premieres; now it's time to return the 'favor'!"

"Oh, ma'am--you are the cagey one!"

"Gene's a good sport--and I know we'll laugh and laugh and LAUGH about it later.  So go get my ensemble ready--and MAYBE I'll talk to my DEAR friend Gene about that autograph..."

With that promise hanging in the air, Madra's maid hurried off, leaving Madra with a sly smile on her lips.

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