Lunch at the Green Parrot
shows Violet Waters at an interview.

Info Edit


Released: 2005


Circa: 1946

Designer: José Ferrand

Company: Ashton Drake


Story Card Edit

The telegram reached her on the road...


Violet Waters sat in stunned disbelief!  Cora Harper, the hostess of Non-Stop Hollywood and its frequent broadcasts live from the Green Parrot restaurant, was just about the most important thing a young performer could hope to have happen to them!  If you had Cora on your side, everything was smooth sailing.

On the day Violet returned to California, she phoned Cora Harper's office.  Cora herself answered the phone.

"Oh!  Miss Harper!  This is Violet Waters..."

"Oh, darling, you didn't have to tell me--I'd know those dulcet tones anywhere!  Now, when can we have our little private-for-a-few-million-people chat...?"

The date was set, the studio publicity department and the record company notified--and Violet began agonizing over what to wear.  She stood in front of the mirror holding up dress after dress--and then burst into laughter!  "Here I am, worrying about what to wear," she thought, "and I'm going to be on radio where nobody sees me anyway!"

However, she settled on one of her loveliest ensembles--and was thrilled when the first words from Cora's lips were, "Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you could see how LOVELY Violet looks today for our lunch at the Green Parrot..."

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