Mardi Gras Magic shows Gene Marshall in the film of the same name.

Info Edit

SKU: 03-00023-071

Released: 2005


Circa: 1947

Designer: George Sarofeen

Company: Ashton Drake


Story Card Edit

The 1947 film Mardi Gras Magic put Gene in the middle of a whirlwind of romance and glitter in one of the most romantic cities in the world--old New Orleans.

Returning her once again to that enchanted city, Mardi Gras Magic was the direct opposite of Voodoo Blues, Gene's 1946 hit with a New Orleans backdrop.  In this film, Gene played a young career girl who wins a trip to New Orleans on a radio call-in show.  Eagerly, she and a friend leave the workday world behind and run off to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

Dressed in a gown sure to knock the revelers off their feet (one of the radio show prizes, of course), she finds herself not only at the Mardi Gras Ball, but also chosen as their "Queen of the Mardi Gras"!  And as King--a handsome young soldier on his last night in the states before getting shipped overseas...

After spending the rest of the night as the King and Queen, love blossoms between the "royal" couple.  But is it the thrill of Mardi Gras, just a glittering bauble like a string of Mardi Gras beads--or is it the real thing?

As the dawn comes up on Wednesday, they stroll down Bourbon Street vowing to separate for a year and then return to Mardi Gras--then, if that Mardi Gras Magic is still weaving its spell...

For publicity's sake, Gene appeared at the Mardi Gras Ball during the 1947 Mardi Gras celebration, dressed in the same costume she'd worn in the film.  And, as usual, art imitated life, as she was unanimously chosen to be the Ball's "Queen of the Mardi Gras" for a night!

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