Mel Loves Marsha
shows Gene Marshall in a costume worn by Marsha Hunt.

Info Edit

SKU: 03-39410-002

Released: 2004




Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $125.00

Story Card Edit

Mel Odom writes:

"Marsha Hunt is a dear friend of mine.  I say this with a great deal of pride and more than a little amazement.

"I had seen and loved Marsha in dozens of the roles that earned her the title of Hollywood's youngest (and I might add most beautiful) character actress, always changing for different parts, always with that recognizable spark that identifies her.  Then came the chance to meet her in the flesh.  For someone to go from being a two-dimensional Hollywood icon (mostly in black and white) to a fully three-dimensional companion for lunch is quite a jump, and having known someone for years strictly by her 'film-self' an in-person meeting is risky business with much opportunity for disappointment.

"But during a three-hour (!) lunch one very hot July afternoon in New York, I felt as if the lady sitting across the table from me was both a familiar friend (or series of them), and a terrific, brand new person that I had never met.  The person I discovered that day was an individual deeply connected, from the soil up, with the world around her, and involved with everything from show biz and the evolving lives of her friends and family to current governmental and humanitarian issues.

"I had shown up that day hidden behind a huge bouquet of lilies and because of them we discovered a mutual love of gardens (hers with a tennis court and pool, mine in a window box).  A vibrant sense of humor infused her conversation and her glittering past was referred to only at my request and then with clear-eyed affection.  I came away from lunch smitten that day, and have never ceased to be so.

"For years now Marsha's terrific book The Way We Wore has been a major reference source for Gene's wardrobe, so I went through the book and picked out my favorite gown.  This particular creation walks that line between being covered and demure and simultaneously transparent and sexy.  It's a rich girl dress worn in a stately mansion and moonlit garden within the film.  Marsha makes this flighty society girl, dressed to the nines in diamonds and lace, someone you want to know, someone you want to be friends with.

"As it turns out, I am the lucky one--I got to do both."

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