Midnight Romance
depicts Gene in a gown for a record cover.

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SKU: 93550

Released: 1997

Circa: 1954

Designer: Timothy Alberts

Company: Ashton Drake

Ptice: $89.95

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Hollywood is the American mecca for gifted artists to come together and create the special magic that enchants our hearts for all time.

Gene first met Johnny Harmon at a premiere party.  Gene had slipped away for a breath of air when she heard an exquisite melody drifting from the music room.  Enthralled by the haunting refrain, she peeked in and saw a slender, sandy-haired man alone in the room playing the piano, his face enrapt with with artistic joy.  Gene listened for a while, then, unable to resist, began to hum the melody.  It was as if the song had been waiting for Gene's rich, seductive soprano voice to make it complete.  They played and sang the night away...and a deep, abiding friendship was born.

Years have passed, and their friendship is as special as ever.  This afternoon Johnny is playing his new song for Gene, one that she knows in her heart will be a record-breaker.  Gene agrees to pose for the cover of "Midnight Romance" in a bewitching gown of satin and tulle...

Gene's blue eyes are closed as she hums the music, and so she does not see Johnny gazing at her with admiration.  Though he knows they will only be friends, in his heart Gene is his love, his joy, and his inspiration.