is a Gene doll.  There are two versions: a pink one, exclusive to FAO Schwarz, and a navy one, for the Modern Doll Convention 2000.

Info Edit

Pink Edit

SKU: 76275

Released: 2000

Edition: 800, FAO Schwarz Exclusive

Circa: 1958

Designer: Dolly Cipolla

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $110.00

Navy Edit

SKU: 76277

Released: 2000

Edition: 250 Modern Doll Convention

Circa: 1958

Designer: Dolly Cipolla

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $160.00

Story Card Edit

Gene had collected dolls from as far back as she could remember. They played all the other parts when she was alone in her room recreating her favorite movies. They came to her as gifts for birthdays and holidays. As souvenirs from her parents' world-traveling acquaintances. As the things she saved her allowance for. And remember, when she said goodbye to New York for Hollywood, the gift her father brought her was her favorite teddy bear—to remind her of her family's love.

Doll collecting was a part of Gene's grown-up life, too. When she traveled the country—and the world—making movies and visiting friends, the special dolls she added to her collection reminded her of good times and good company.

So when she was asked to be keynote speaker at the Doll Collectors' Convention, she could hardly contain her excitement. She carefully picked her favorite dolls to share (difficult choices, but she couldn't take everyone!), and headed for the convention.

During her speech, collectors were thrilled to hear that their favorite star shared so many of their interests. But for Gene, the biggest moment to remember came when the convention organizers presented her with a special present: a book of Gene Paper Dolls, filled with paper replicas of osme of her favorite costumes and ensembles.

And she discretely wiped away a happy tear....

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