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Moss Rose


Moss Rose

Moss Rose depicts Ivy in elegant brown-grey day suit.

Info Edit

SKU: 92102

Released: 2010

Edition: 410


Company: Integrity Toys

Retail: Stardust Convention

Doll Edit

Ivy doll with dark brown hair, styled in center-parted flip. Red lips, soft brown eyeshadow.


Brown-grey bolero jacket and column dress.


Taupe "leather" gloves, dark brown "leather" belt and rose "silk" scarf.


Brown plastic shoes.


"Diamond" post earrings and barrettes.

Description Edit

Ivy looks her best in this most sophisticated ensembled and guests of the Gene Marshall Convention could not agree more when they found out that this beauty was theirs to keep as she was offered to the entire group at one of the convention functions!

This exquisite doll was available exclusively at the Gene Marshall 15th Anniversary Celebration in June 2010.

Script / Star File Edit


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