My Favorite Witch
shows Gene in the film My Favorite Witch. 1997 Masquerade convention doll.

Info Edit

SKU: 93549

Released: 1997

Edition: 350, National Gene Convention

Circa: 1952

Designer: Tim Kennedy

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: Part of convention package

Story Card Edit

- Hollywood and Halloween...both carry a spell of glamour, magic, and delightful enchantment. So it's no wonder audiences adored "My Favorite Witch" the lighthearted comedy hit that premiered in the fall of 1952. As Alexis Devlin, white witch and proprietor of Salem flower shop, Gene brings a charming, other world quality to the role. "Alexis" gives Cupid a little help by sprinkling rose bouquets with a love potion. Her good intentions go awry when a delivery mix-up causes her own staid fiancé to fall madly in love with a shy, plain-faced spinster. Desperate to reverse the spell, Gene enlists the aid of a handsome, though infuriatingly teasing warlock, who has secretly loved her for a thousand years. Their lively sparring of wits and witchery sparkled on the silver screen, much to the audience's delight. At the film's climax, Gene goes "disguised" to a Halloween masquerade ball in a bewitching witch's costume - a pumpkin orange sleeveless sheath with an overdress and witches hat of black polka dot tulle. She carries her broom and a black mask with "diamond" cats' eyes. Just as she starts to cast the reversal spell, Gene sees how happy the spinster and her ex-finance are together -- and realizes she wasn't the girl for him. Instead, she finds she has lost her heart to rascally warlock! The warlock flies her into the starry sky and proposes to Gene at the stroke of midnight for a magical Hollywood ending!