Olympia depicts Gene in a 1930s evening gown.

Info Edit

SKU: 92057

Released: 2008

Edition: 300

Circa: 1930s

Inspiration: Adrian

Company: Integrity Toys

Retail: $125.00

Doll Edit

Gene doll with copper center-parted hair. Red lips, soft green eyeshadow.


Two-toned green halter-top mermaid gown.


Green "fox" and satin wrap. Green satin elbow-length gloves.


Green closed-toe sandals.


"Diamond" earrings, "diamond" hair clips, silver cuff bracelet.

Description Edit

One wonders where it is beautiful enough to wear this gown. Perhaps somewhere gods and goddesses make their home. On earth, a Hollywood premier will have to do. A 1930s style evening gown composed of two complimentary shades of green satin; ‘Olympia’ is a masterpiece of dramatic cut and draping. A two-toned halter neckline is knotted at the throat and whittled through the torso into a slender waist. A fitted draping of the two greens at the hips echoes the neckline’s details and accentuates the rhythms created by this reverent homage to the female form. Beneath this, a slender column is expanded into a lavish mermaid skirt featuring a voluminous train and ‘yards’ of draped satin. A tiered, crescent shaped wrap of satin and deep green-dyed ‘fox’ is thin e cover story for this fashion plate with matching closed-toed sandals and green satin, elbow-length gloves to complete the polished look. The gilding on this Oz lily consists of clear ‘diamond’ earrings, hair-clips and bracelet with a striking silver cuff. Gene’s maquillage is a soft one and her hair a coppery red. Olympus is found on earth after all!

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