IMG 1913
Perfect Match
shows Gene Marshall in the film of the same name.

Info Edit

SKU: 38232

Released: 2001

Edition: FAO Schwarz exclusive

Circa: 1953

Designer: Lynne Day

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $110.00

Story Card Edit

"I must be dreaming!" thought Gene.

Standing on the living room set, artfully constructed by the Monolithic craftsmen, she saw him walking toward her.  Even though they had made many a film together, she still couldn't believe that she had been assigned still another co-starring role with THE Trent Osborn, one of her favorite stars, ever since she was a little girl (but, of course, Gene had the tact never to say that to Trent himself!).

The film was a romantic piece of fluff, playing on the premise of a love match between a fresh young thing and a slightly jaded, rather "mature" gentleman--she was hired from a temporary agency to be the hostess at one of his dinner parties and had stayed on to "clean up".

Standing in her pink and grey hostess outfit, Gene was the picture of innocence--and Trent, in his smoking jacket, had all the charm of a man-about-town (with a little of Red Riding Hood's wolf thrown in).  The scene called for Gene to slap Trent's face--but for the first time since she'd started acting, Gene balked.  "Oh, Trent," she said.  "I can't bring myself..."

"Let's try one more," said Trent--and this time, he whispered something in her ear at just the right moment.  Gene's eyes widened.  Smack!  And "Cut!"  And when posters ballyhooed, "Strike a Perfect Match you'll see the sparks fly"--guess which picture they used!

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