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Poised for Success

Info Edit

SKU: 2015-2

Released: 2016

Edition: 125

Circa: 1950s

Company: Jamieshow Doll USA

Retail: $450

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Description Edit

“Poised for Success” was a frothy comedy in which Zita Charles, in a comeback role, was once again allowed to run wild with her comic flair. As the widowed owner of a modeling agency, her character “Vera Swan” spends her days playing cupid and trying to find suitable husbands for the girls in her agency, so she can “retire with a clear conscious”.   Depending on the famous Zita Charles ‘light touch’, it was a delightful exercise in mistaken identities and fast-paced, drawing room comedy.  Zita effortlessly reminded the American public of just how much they’d been missing her. Edit

Zita wears a pencil slim, navy suit, featuring a shell pink, shawl collar and cuffs over a cream blouse, self bowed at the neck.  Her navy and cream, spectator pumps also sport jaunty bows and a veiled, portrait hat completes the chic afternoon look.  Her titian hair is tied in a soft curl in back and features the famous silver streak that became the trademark of Zita’s comeback films.  It was her one concession to getting older on film. Edit

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